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The Foot Care Centre is dedicated to providing excellent service, quality products and expertise in the treatment of foot problems.

Who We Are

Since 2002, the Foot Care Centre in Doha City has provided specialty foot care services to individuals in Qatar.  The Centre employs a multidisciplinary team of chiropodists to provide the best care for your feet.

Who We See

The most common reasons people visit the clinic are for concerns about their hammertoes, bunions, heel pain, foot pain, flat foot and the for routine foot care services including Pedicure and manicure.



What We Do

 The Foot Care Centre offers a range of services including:

  • Education and advice on proper footwear and foot care

  • Flat Feet Inspection

  • Foot Care Services (Pedicure, Manicure etc.)

Booking Appointments

Call 44366275, 44780510 to book your appointment.  We offer a broad range of appointment times, including very early morning, evenings and occasional official holidays.

Products We Offer

Orthotics: Also known as insoles or arch supports, foot orthotics are available in many forms. Off–the-shelf insoles may give relief for mild foot problems and foot pain. 

Foot Care Products: From toe caps to heel creams, we carry a selection of foot products and toe appliances to pamper your feet from SCHOLL.

Healthy Foot Wear: We offer a wide range of SCHOLL foot wear with different styles (autumn- winter & spring – summer).

Orthopedic Shoes: We offer a limited selection of specialty orthopedic footwear for flat foot, anti-varus from different brands.

Where we are


(The Center - Qatar)

(Al Gharrafa - Qatar)

(Medina Central - "coming soon" - Qatar)  

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