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Ebn Sina Medical manages a network of pharmacies located in prime locations across Doha offering customers excellent service in all aspects of general health and well being.


  • Ebn Sina Health Care Solution Pharmacy



To provide the highest possible standard of health service, and to achieve excellence in customer care by building powerful bases of relationship and Loyalty.


Ebn Sina Pharmacies are pharmaceutical retail outlets, established to fulfill patients and customers needs. They provide all variety of related products available in Qatar market and many more of their unique stores’ lines. Their goal is to achieve excellence in customer care and to improve people’s health  in Qatar.

  Values & Principles

• Customers are long term relationship built on TRUST

• Ethics in all our actions

• Respect for self and others

• Honesty with all our dealings

• Empathy and understanding others’ feelings

• Effective communication and strong relationships

• Team work and exploring power of group

• Conformance to regulatory rules

• Build system with strong grounds and with no ceilings

• Excellent Image reflected through our prestigious outlets and professional, sincere employees.

• To achieve our objectives by motivation and commitment

• Walk the Talk and not to negotiate for our values and principles.