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The new headquarter of the    Ebn Sina.            

Opening a new center for    Footcare.

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    Our People


Ebn Sina Medical considers people as the most important of all its resources.

We are always ensuring to use competent personnel with the right education, experience, skills and training.

We also ensure to put a full Job description for each employee to be informed to the employee to know the importance of his role and will be retained in his file at Personnel Dept. and to be updated when necessary.

Ebn Sina Medical supports competency of its personnel by defining the acceptable level of competence, identifying training and awareness needs for quality objectives achievement, deliver training and awareness programs, evaluate effectiveness of training and awareness for all its personnel.


Ebn Sina always honors and appreciates a staff and special a staff Diacriticals.

  The Distinguished Employee For 2007

  The Distinguished Employee For 2006

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