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   Our Commitments


 • We realize

that our responsibility as Qatar’s leading pharmaceuticals provider, requires the utmost adherence to excellence, in every aspect of our operations. And over more

than three decades in the market, our prestigious clients have come to expect nothing

less of us.

 • We promise

quality and professionalism to our international partners, and thus guarantee them the

best representation and distribution of their brands. It is by living up to this promise

that we have come to be the sole distributors in Qatar for the world’s finest

pharmaceutical products.


 • We aspire

to be seen as a model for success in Qatar and beyond. This drives us to continuously upgrade our work process, distinguish ourselves with the variety of choice we provide

for our consumers, and uphold the highest standards of quality management.

 • We believe

that with our over a 100-member team of highly qualified professionals,

our maintenance of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, our exclusive agreements with reputed international companies, our growing retail network of

8 outlets, and our commitment, we are able to achieve all our goals.

 • Our Partners

are leaders in their fields, manufacturing some of the world’s best established brands.

With a business scope that covers almost every aspect of the healthcare and medical sectors, we currently boost the biggest number of exclusive distribution agreements in Qatar and are continuously sourcing items that may be needed in the Qatari market.

 • Our network

of retailers currently stands at 7 pharmacies which are situated in key locations in and around Doha. These outlets help introduce our brands directly to the end consumers;

In addition, we operate Qatar’s only Foot Care Centre under the internationally known

brand name Scholl (present in two outlets), and have acquired the Italian franchise specialized in Skin Care and Cosmetics, called Bottega Verde.

 • Our departments

operate with clear and concise objectives that are defined and supported by highly

efficient work processes. Each department has all the resources it requires to function independently and be able to support other departments. Creativity is encouraged by management at all levels of the establishment.

 • Our clients

include Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar’s main provider of healthcare services,

as well as the Ministry of Health and major local pharmacies. Thanks to our consistent focus on customer satisfaction, we currently dominate the local pharmaceuticals

sector with a 55% market share.


  To reach our intended place we really have to be good at:

    • Operations effectiveness and efficiency

    • Creating and maintaining a highly competent work force

    • Providing value for the shareholders

    • Ensuring compliance without suppressing flair and originality

    • Treating suppliers with respect

    • Developing strong relationships with clients

    • Creating and sustaining the right work culture

    • Detecting and responding rapidly to market/business trends

    • Winning customer confidence

    • Maximizing our profits

    • Being flexible to change with market demands

    • Projecting a positive image of the company